Safari Team – Safari HP

Stephen Peters


Stephen drove his first Land Rover Defender at the age of 21 while in the US Army when he “Borrowed” a Ranger Special Operations Vehicle (RSOV) during a long field exercise. He may have lost a pound of flesh over the “incident” but the love affair was born. After the Army, Stephen moved on to various military contracting roles where he excelled as field engineer with a specialty in target systems and live fire ranges. While traveling the world in support or US and foreign military services Stephen continued to build Land Rover Series in his home based workshop. Fast forward 22 years -Stephen has mastered his Defender knowledge while incorporating the production methods learned from Lockheed Martin, Action Target, and various other military support organizations. This knowledge, experience and passion goes into every customer or restored Defender to leave Safari HP.

Jessica has been in the automotive production trade for over 15 years and has had a love for all things automotive since she was a child. With an impressive resume, vast experience in automotive management and the last name of England she seemed a perfect fit to round out the Safari HP Team. Jessica not only manages the daily activities in the back office and works closely with our vendors and customers to ensure on time delivery.

Jessica England

General Manager