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Our Process

Safari HP

How We Work


Stage 1

The Safari HP team incorporates both unmatched ownership of every Defender we build.  Every project, rather it be a complete restoration or a simple engine swap, undergoes the same five step build process.

Step one of the Safari HP build process is where the foundation of the truck begins to take shape.  The vehicle is fully stripped to the smallest part and the chassis is rebuilt using only the highest quality parts and the highest standard of processes.  No time or expense is spared when creating the rolling chassis.


Stage 2

Step Two of the Safari HP build process overlaps with Step One as we continue to build the rolling chassis and send the disassembled body to paint and bed lining.  Here at Safari HP we will only paint a project vehicle in parts, which allows for proper corrosion protection, and each floor panel is painted on both side with a professionally installed lines such as Line X®.


Stage 3

Step Three of the Safari HP build process sees the freshly painted body shell meeting back up with the newly built rolling chassis.   During this part of the build the body is assembled into a rolling box and much of the interior wiring and pre-trimming steps are completed.


Stage 4

Step Four of the Safari HP build process includes interior installation testing of all systems and an extensive quality assurance pre-road test inspection.


Stage 5

Step Five of the build process is a 1000 Mile road test, break in oil and fluid change and a 120-step quality assurance inspection where every nut and bolt is checked and verified.