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After 11 years in business we have moved to our new warehouse. Safari Land Rover Defender Enthusiast Dream Land. Upon walking in, Land Rover Defender builds in all stages awakes to be gazed over and appreciated. As we let all our customers know that their Defender Experience will be Redefined at Safari Dream Land!

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Why Safari HP

Building a custom automobile takes time and unmatched attention to detail.  Each Safari HP build starts at the same place, getting to know and understand the new owner.  After the intensive design review process Safari then resources only the best quality and sound Defender with which to build your dream.

As soon as we receive the vehicle it is titled in Florida and then thoroughly inspected to determine the repurpose of each component.   The vehicle is then disassembled down to the smallest possible part and then thoroughly inspected.

Usable body panels are sent directly to paint where each panel is sealed and painted on both sides while each floor and wear area is treated with a sound and heat barrier much like Line X®.

While the body is being painted the chassis build begins (usually with a new galvanized chassis).  The axles are fully rebuilt and new 4-wheel disc brakes are installed with stainless steel piping.

While the chassis is being built and the body is being painted the engine, transmission, and transfer case are fully refurbished and prepared for reinstallation.

Once all the parts are reconsolidated then the actual body build begins.  In as little as 90 days Safari HP is ready to start road testing the near finished Defender.  Each truck receives a 1000 mile shake down and then a final Quality Assurance (QA) inspection.

Each Defender we build is part of the family.  Sending a truck out is very much, like sending your kid off to college.  The team at Safari HP is dedicated to building the best possible Defender at every budget.  Your Experience Defender Redefined.