Custom Defenders – Safari HP


Rather you choose a Safari HP Legacy, Reserve, or Signature all our Land Rover Defender 90 builds reflect the lifestyle of the unique owner and their own individual expectations.  Every Defender 90 undergoes a complete breakdown to the smallest possible component.  All parts are then thoroughly inspected and restored or replaced as required.  Upon reassembly each component shall be of the highest quality available.  Once competed the truck is thoroughly inspected, road tested and then inspected again. The Safari HP team strives to deliver an exceptional and unique 90 reflecting the owner’s lifestyle with bespoke attention to even the smallest detail.  


The Safari HP Defender 110 is the culmination of our team’s dedication to exceptional quality while exceeding the owner’s expectations.   As with every Safari HP build all components are fully restored to the highest standards possible.   The truck is designed with your unique and individual lifestyle in mind.  From passenger seating arrangement, engine choices, and accessories your 110 will be as individual as you wish it to be.  Rather you choose the traditional Legacy 110, the well-appointed Signature 110, or the exclusive Reserve 110 we will deliver the truck of your dreams. 


The most limited Land Rover Defender is the 130.  Safari HP delivers the most extraordinary and bespoke 130 on the road today.  The quest for a 130 can lead to a basic or Legacy 130, a well-appointed Signature 130 or an over the top Reserve 130.  Safari HP starts each 130 with a new galvanized chassis, equipped with upgraded axles, brakes, and other heavy-duty driveline components.  Next, we install a 420 horsepower Chevrolet Corvette LS3 engine equipped with a six speed automatic transmission and of course 4 wheel drive.

NAS Restoration 

Safari HP is the industry leader in North American Spec (NAS) 90 and 110 restorations.  We listen to the owner and rebuild the NAS Defender to better than factory specifications while respecting the true Land Rover Defender heritage.  Safari HP stocks and retains the world’s supply of many NAS Specific parts to continue to service NAS Defenders for many years to come.  Safari HP also can update NAS Defenders by changing body configurations, upgrading the engines to a 420 HP LS3 engine with an automatic six speed transmission and even install power windows and other comforts not associated with a NAS Defender.  Stock or completely updated Safari HP will exceed your expectations while keeping your truck on the road for another 25 years